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Eric Gales
Acoustic Guitar
That's What I Am
Nightbird Records
Friday April 1, 2016
Doors Open At 6pm
Tickets $15
Sold At Door
Merchandise Sales At
Intermission & After Show
/w Autographs & Pictures
Harr Theater

Once upon a time in the early '90s, then-teenager Eric Gales was the next “next Jimi Hendrix.” That complimentary yet unenviable comparison was probably inevitable for a black lefty rocking the blues on a righty Fender Stratocaster flipped upside-down. But in Gales’ case the comparisons have always been drawn deeper than black or white, left or right. Since he was a child, Gales has demonstrated a Hendrix-like natural command of the electric guitar.Although Gales was born right-handed, he learned to play left-handed, without reversing the order of the strings, while growing up in Memphis. “I saw my family members play that way,” he recalls. “But what it meant didn’t register. And no one placed a guitar in my hands. I just picked it up, and that’s what felt comfortable. It was just in the genes.”
The young guitarist was also heavily influenced by gospel music. “Another thing that reminds people of Hendrix is just me channeling what I grew up listening to in church with my parents and grandparents,” he says. Old timey gospel and traditional blues are exactly the same musically. Only the words are different.”


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